Akhila & Aditya Posted on 05-03-20 12:50:43

We went to everyone’s old favourite seaside state, Goa with Akhila and Aditya for a shoot. Goa is situated on the Konkan coast of India and is a hub of beaches as well as dense vegetation. Go View more

Santosh & Shreya Posted on 19-10-19 10:08:49

We went to the Roof of the world! Harish being an avid trekker always wanted to do a couple shoot in Leh, Ladakh. When Shriya and Santosh approached us for an unconventional couple shoot, he sugges View more

Harsha & Anusha Posted on 19-10-19 07:38:12

Harsha & Anusha Photography is never planned, perfect shots are never prepared, they just happen. We went to the regal Rajasthan with Harsha and Anusha for a photo shoot fit for royalty. In the cit View more

Vijay & Lekhya Posted on 19-10-19 07:56:42

A river, a bridge and an inspiration. Sometimes we plan the pictures that we take and sometimes, without any notice, our eyes lead us to a moment or a scene too beautiful for us to resist capturing i View more

Sowmya & Kalyan Posted on 19-10-19 07:58:37

Sowmya saw us at her cousin’s wedding in 2013, She liked the way our team worked and when the time came for her own wedding, she contacted us. During their first meeting with us, both Sowmya and Kal View more

Jai Kiran & Anusha Posted on 19-10-19 10:08:03

Kashmir is referred as Heaven on Earth. And we can’t help but agree!
This enchanting little Valley had us hypnotized.. But little did we know that on arrival to Srinagar we’d find oursel View more

Alekhya & Shravan Posted on 19-10-19 08:02:20

The camera leads a photographer, unknowingly a photographer may cross over a fence or enter deep forests, unwillingly the photographer may climb trees or enter shallow waters, all in a bid to get the View more

Pavan & Sucharitha Posted on 04-10-19 07:01:11

How much time does one need to plan a shoot? Well, we need none because we went on for a spontaneous photo shoot with the dynamic duo Pavan & Sucharitha.
While we were in Seatle, they approache View more