Prathyusha. D

I may be biased, but I would argue that HariShankar is the best wedding photography out there! HariShankar team went above and beyond our expectations. HariShankar team are extremely talented and has an eye for seeing things that will make absolutely fantastic pictures. Our wedding pictures are absolutely phenomenal. We are so glad that we have such gorgeous pictures to remember the most important day of our lives. There is truly no price tag for the pictures that we have from HariShankar. HariShankar team is incredibly professional, timely, attentive, and accommodating. There is no one that I would have rather had capturing our wedding day and we thank you forever for capturing our day in such a way that no one else could have. Hands down THE best wedding photography. If you have any reservations about photography, especially for your wedding, please know HariShankar is worth every penny! I would absolutely without hesitation recommend HariShankar to any couple and for any occasion!! Keep going <3.

Pavan Elisetty

Team is wonderful and very friendly - infact Harish has become one of my friend from post we chosed him for our family wedding event held recently! Keep it up Harishankar Team������.

Sheri Akhila

I absolutely LOVED working with Harish and Shankar ,amazing people to work with. The best photographers you can rely on to capture the essence and beauty of a wedding. They work masterfully with angles and lighting to capture moments in the most elegant ways possible. I loved the way they interacted with us making us feel totally comfortable. Also, the total team is an asset.

Shyam Sunder

I just loved harishankar photography... I am thankful for you guys for capturing the big event of my life and giving some best memories.... you guys deserve more then an appreciation.... great job guys keep doing......

Chanduri Phani

The best photographers in town I could say ... Harish got a brilliant skill set on lightning and photographic scenery ... Shankar got a amazing taste on video ... together they both make a beautiful content which we could cherish for our life time 😁.